We are always on the look out for compassionate, team oriented clinicians and music instructors with a passion for helps others through music. Even if we aren’t currently hiring, please send us your resume. We are always growing our team! Please contact our Director of Services, Jona Jeffcoat, MT-BC, at (860) 518-5557 if you have any questions regarding our open positions.

Staff Art Therapist

Infinity is putting its feelers out to locate an art therapist (ATR-BC preferred) who is interested in program development and helping design their dream caseload. We intermittently receive art therapy referrals and we would love to grow a steady employment position with benefits. We just need the right individual and unfortunately, we haven't found them yet! Contact us for more information.

Music Instructor

Infinity is looking for music instructors to join our team immediately. We are looking for voice, violin, piano, drum set, and guitar instructors with experience teaching children. We are also looking for a variety of other instrumental teachers but our primary referrals are for the above listed. We prefer instructors who have experience working with children and adults with developmental disabilities. Applicants should be confident in their musical skills, be a team-player, and demonstrate high levels of organization and responsiveness to texts, emails, and phone calls. We are looking for instructors who can commit to a minimum of one-year of service and who are dedicated to building their music and teaching skills.

Hours: The number of hours per week is based upon the referrals that we receive. The majority of the referrals we receive request 4:00pm-7:00pm Monday through Friday or during the weekends. This position offers some flexibility with regards to initial scheduling but does require the employee to maintain a regular work schedule (employees may not schedule the student on a different day/time each week). 

Schedule: The schedule is determined based upon student and teacher availability. Employees may work as little as one lesson per week. We are looking for teachers who are interested in growing the number of lessons they teach each week. Consistent appointments are required. The more availability the employee has, the more likely they are to receive students. As a member of our team you will be expected to report to our clinic at least one (1) time monthly for a team meeting. The time is TBD.

​Location of Students: Our music instructors define the area of the state in which they are willing to travel in. The greater the traveling area, the more likely the employee is to receive consistent students. Students are seen in home, at our clinics, and in other locations. 

Salary: This position is paid on a pay per visit model. This means the rate paid for each lesson is inclusive of prep time, travel time, and team meetings. Our instructors are paid between $30.00-$40.00/hr.

​Responsibilities: You will be responsible for providing group and individual lessons, writing general performance reports, writing music based upon student need, communicating with families regarding scheduling and more. You will be expected to travel to your students. You will also participate in monthly meetings at our Southington location.

Benefits: We are proud to offer our employees a variety of benefits. Benefits increase as an employee adds hours. 

  • Professional liability insurance

  • Extensive lending library

  • Individual supervision
  • Yearly spa day (for employees who see a minimum of 5 students/ week)
  • Access to group rates for AFLAC
  • Access to retirement planning
  • Continuing education reimbursement
  • Health Care Reimbursement (available for employees handling seven or more hours of lessons/week.)

This position is for you if….

  • ​You believe that teaching a lesson is much more than reading music out of a book.

  • You love getting feedback (how else do we grow?)

  • You love giving feedback to others and growing as a team.

  • You are confident in your musical skills.

  • A full inbox is a nightmare! You are quick to respond to emails, texts, and phone calls.

  • You have experience working with children with Autism, Down Syndrome, and other developmental disabilities.

  • You are comfortable commuting to your lessons and you have reliable transportation.

  • You are committed to growing your musical skills.

  • You can effectively communicate in English.

  • You are a flexible, go with the flow type of person.

  • You’re not afraid to ask questions.

  • You are able to write music in the moment.
  • You are a strong sight reader.

This position is NOT for you if…

  • You constantly have “last minute” things that pop up.

  • The thought of “just making music” without sheet music in front of you is terrifying.

  • The thought of asking a question to a supervisor makes you nervous.

  • You are not comfortable with traveling to your appointments.

  • You are not willing to commit to a year of service.

  • You are disorganized.

  • You are frequently late and struggle with time management.

  • You do not like supervision or being observed in lessons.
  • You are an excellent player but can’t read sheet music.
  • You are just looking for something to “fill the time” until a “better” oppurtunity pops up.

To Apply: To be considered for this position, please submit the following information to Jona Jeffcoat, MT-BC, Director of Services at Questions regarding the position can also be directed to the same email account.

  • Cover Letter: Please include why you think you would be good fit with our practice, your available start date, what instruments you are comfortable teaching, and what areas of Connecticut you are interested in working in.

  • Current Resume

  • A paragraph of what you expect from a supervisor
  • A sample 30-min session lesson plan for the instrument of your choice for an eight year old child.

Applicants who meet the above requirements will be asked to interview and audition on the instrument(s) of their choice. Applicants will also be asked to teach a sample lesson.

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